Virginia Earthquake Rattles Washington

Virginia earthquake measuring 5.8 magnitude yesterday hit the US east coast, shaking buildings in the Washington capital and forcing a Government evacuation.

As a political earthquake shook in Libya, a physical one started to shake the east coast of the US yesterday at about 2pm lasting for about 30 seconds.

Three aftershocks were also recorded, one of which was measured as a 4.8 magnitude earthquake.

The epicentre of the earthquake was in the state of Virginia at a a depth of about 4 miles and 5 miles from the nearest town of Mineral.

The earthquake was felt as far away as Washington where there was some minor damage and a mass evacuation of buildings including the Pentagon.

The earthquake was one of the strongest to hit the US east coast in over 100 years and lasted for about 30 seconds moving buildings from side to side.

People filtered out onto the streets as they were evacuated from buildings in case of any further tremors or structural damage. Most people were sent home for the rest of the day while checks were made and to check out their own premises.

There are plenty of nuclear power stations in the area including New York and some were switched off although the Nuclear watchdog said that no reactors suffered any damage. People are understandably jittery about Nuclear power stations after the events of Japan’s earthquake.

The earthquake interrupted a press conference on the Dominique Strauss-Kahn assault case after he had been released following the dropping of the charges.


Photo: Official U.S. Navy Imagery