F1 News: Lewis Hamilton Wins German Formula 1 GP at Nurburgring

Lewis Hamilton has won the latest F1 race at the German Formula 1 Grand Prix in Nurburgring.

The McLaren driver had been struggling all season to keep pace with the Red Bull team but things have started to come good for Lewis Hamilton and McLaren.

Rumours had been flying around the paddock that he might be tempted away from McLaren and over to their rivals.

Lewis Hamilton put that all behind him today when he came away with a surprise victory at the German Formula 1 GP held at historic Nurburgring.

The F1 ace finished almost 4 seconds ahead of Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso, with Mark Webber of Red Bull coming in third.

Starting behind Webber on the the front row of the grid, Hamilton got a much better start and raced into the lead. Throughout the formula 1 race the lead changed and shifted. Pit stops played their part and so did overtaking in a thrilling F1 race.

The Formula 1 championship leader, Sebastian Vettel had to settle for fourth place in his home race at Nurburgring. He lost ground when he made an uncharacteristic error and span after putting his wheel over the slippery grass.

This mistake cost him a chance to go for a top 3 finish. It’s the first time that he has finished outside the top 3 this season and could, as many formula 1 fans hope, mark a shift in power with only nine F1 races to go.

Vettel has had his Formula 1 championship lead cut to 77 points ahead of Webber, 82 points ahead of Lewis Hamilton and 86 points in front of Alonso.

Jenson Button, the other McLaren F1 driver, had to retire for the second F1 race in succession after hydraulic problems. He was having a good drive, moving through the pack when he had to pull into the garage.

The next race on the F1 2011 calendar is the Hungarian Grand Prix and it will be interesting to see if Red Bull can bounce back or if the advantage they enjoyed at the beginning of the formula 1 season has all but evaporated.

Current F1 Drivers Table

F1 drivers table after the German Formula 1 race at the Nurburgring

You can see more driver and team standings at the official f1 site here.

Photo: FlightReal