Jane Austen Gets A Google Doodle

Google today celebrated what would be the 235th birthday of Jane Austen with a google doodle on their homepage.

The English author has today more prominence than she could have ever imaged when she was alive after having most of her novels turned into films loved by millions around the world.

Indeed, a first edition of her classic book, Emma, fetched almost £80,000 (approx. $91,000) in an auction this month.

Published in 1815 this particular book was sent by Jane Austen to a fellow author the same year, the book has been keep in the same family up until the auction.

Jane Austen herself was born 16th December 1775, she was educated by her father, older brothers and by her own appetite for reading.

She wrote extensively up until she was 35 but had produced nothing of note, unfinished novels and abandoned writing styles are more in keeping with this stage of her career where she was finding her feet.

Then, between 1811 and 1816 she suddenly found her way in spectacular fashion. In 1811 she produced ‘Sense and Sensibility‘, in 1813 she published ‘Pride and Prejudice‘, in 1814 came ‘Mansfield Park‘ and in 1816 ‘Emma‘ became an instant classic.

Northanger Abbey‘ and ‘Persuasion‘ were published posthumously while another book remained unfinished when she died in 1817.