Samoa Time Travels Into The Future

Samoa time travels a day into the future as they switch to the other side of the international dateline.

In the strange world of time comes a reminder that, as Einstein once said, time is relative and not a fixed measurement.

The small country of Samoa has decided to switch to the other side of the international dateline in order to be in line with New Zealand and Australia.

The idea has taken hold because the countries major trading partners have shifted from America and Europe to Australia and New Zealand.

A similar decision was taken around 100 years ago when the country shifted to the other side of the dateline to be closer in time with America and Europe.

There are those that are upset by the decision however, the tourist industry says that it will lose out now that it is not the last place on earth to see the sun.

The Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi has been defending the move, saying that it will effectively they were losing up to 2 days of trading a week because they were out of step with the Australians and New Zealanders.

The change will come into effect from December 29th 2011 on a trial period and will be permanent from January.

The decision comes on the tail of the 2010 move to daylight savings and the 2009 change to the driving laws, switching from the right to the left. That change was brought in to reduce the reliance on expensive imports of cars from America.

Photo: Krystn Palmer Photography